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As it has been several monthes since my last news post, I will attempt to address some of the growing concerns relating to the current state of this project. On the development side, the team is working hard to expand our IT infrastructure and implement new technologies that will allow for a more reliable and robust system. We're also taking great strides to develop a new backend portal for our modelers to make our project easier-to-use and include more features. What does this mean for our volunteers? A more reliable system with quicker debug times and plenty of available work. What does this mean for our project? Advances in cognitive modeling at a much faster pace and grander scale than ever before. Unfortunately, there is also some bad news. We are currently unable to host our MidModeling servers under the same agreement that we've been operating, and we will need to find a new home. We've got several options under way and should be hosting/serving again sometime in early 2010. It is a setback, but it has also given us the time to make some necessary changess to our code and underlying architecture. Thanks for all your contributions and patience while we go through this period of readjustment.
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