Project News 3.11.2008 09:55 GMT

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Project News 3.11.2008 09:55 GMT

Post by Calm Chaos » Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:31 am


Today I have installed a new application "sixtrackbnl". This is simply an updated version of
the sixtrack executable. We only have this available for windows at the moment but as time permits we
will try to produce a linux build. This has been installed as a new application name as we wish to be
able to send jobs to either the old or new version and compare results. In due course we may well
rename the new executable to sixtrack and carry on as before.

Expect some test jobs on this new application to begin with. We will try to post some more
information regarding the studies being performed when we get some production jobs running on it.

As ever thanks for your contributions.


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