Project News 29.09.2008 15:37 BST

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Project News 29.09.2008 15:37 BST

Post by Calm Chaos » Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:31 am


As you've probably all heard from the mainstream media, there was a helium leak from the cooling system for the LHC
superconducting dipole magnets, that will result in several months down time to do repairs.
It's an unfortunate setback, but not entirely surprising: with a machine of this complexity, there are bound to be a
few snags at the beginning. As Lyn Evans, the leader of the LHC project, has put it, "the LHC is its own prototype".
The really unfortunate thing is that it takes so long to warm up the magnets to do repairs and cool them down again.

Despite this setback, LHC@home will keep chugging along regardless, to help ensure the machine runs as smoothly as
possible once the repairs are done, and to start doing research for future upgrades of the machine, planned in a few
years' time. So your contribution is still very much valued!



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