Back in civilisation (for a while)

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Back in civilisation (for a while)

Post by Calm Chaos » Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:31 am


As you have probably noticed, APS slipped back down the priority
list fairly quickly after returning from Canada. The first expedition
to Borneo did not go quite as well as we had hoped, and I have just
returned from a second trip out there this year as part of the same

Although I will be in the UK for some time (the next trip isn't
scheduled until October now), I cannot promise that the project will
immediately begin churning out work. There is a lot of other work to
catch up on, so I will do my best, but no more.

As always, we appreciate your help here, but I'd like to draw
everyone's attention to the FAQ again as an explanation for the low
work rate at the moment.


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