What does Christmas mean to you?

Did God create man, or man create God?

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Re: What does Christmas mean to you?

Post by purplemkayel » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:08 pm

Ahhh, this topic raised again :smt009

We are coming up to Christmas again, so why not. Pre-warning, this is part of the new PM model with included TMI programming. :smt107 I did try to walk past this, but it seems nowadays I have to say what's on my mind. Not all the time thankfully. Sigh, lost this debate with myself, although I will keep it short.

I don't like Christmas (or my birthday). I only have one wish every Christmas and that is that I won't have to spend the next one with my family. As a holiday it usually ends up enforcing early programming that I'm worthless. I sit here thinking back and shake my head at the number of times my parents were able to turn a years worth of healing back in just a month.

This year is different. This year I know I'm worth loving. They can keep their crap, as I'm not taking it on this time. This year I also know that I won't be spending Christmas with them next year. :smt020

So, what's Christmas mean to me? An unwanted present I'm returning to sender :smt045

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