QCN Supports 64-bit Mac and Windows

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QCN Supports 64-bit Mac and Windows

Post by Calm Chaos » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:17 am


New versions have been put up which support 64-bit Mac OS X and 64-bit Windows (XP and Vista) operating systems. If you are running the BOINC Mac Universal client or the BOINC Windows x64 client it should automatically detect this and download the correct version. The 64-bit versions do not support the MotionNode Accel USB accelerometer at this time.<BR><BR>There are also 64-bit versons of <A HREF="http://qcn.stanford.edu/sensor/download ... p">QCNLive for Mac available here</A> (actually a universal binary for PowerPC, Intel 32-bit, and Intel 64-bit). There is a <A HREF="http://qcn.stanford.edu/sensor/download ... ip">64-bit Windows QCNLive available here</A><BR><BR>Please post any problems in the Message Boards!<BR>


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