Fantasy Football 2008

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Fantasy Football 2008

Post by Buga1 » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:28 am

Well I figured I would try again here and see if I get any takers. Time for Fantasy Football. A bit early, but they just recently opened up league creation in the sites I normally run a couple leagues in. So.....

I have 2 Leagues at Yahoo. One is Head-to-Head and the other is stright Points league.

Both are live Drafts. You don't have to be there for the live draft (can set up a draft card) but makes it funner.

If anyones interested just let me know and can send you out the info on joining. Trying to fill 2, 8 man leagues and one 12 man league. Will have several filled on the 8 man leagues, from returning people. 12 man is a new league through



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