Weekly poker game anyone?

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Weekly poker game anyone?

Post by Dances with Werewolves » Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:48 pm

If we get some who want to have a game I'll find us a private room somewhere on the net.

The loosers have to wash my Car! That's two coats of wax please.

OK, I think I found it.

Go here http://www.realdice.com/index.php
The client is free the online hosting is free and it is a free game (no money). They are in development phase for the PC I take it and it is not ready to sell.

I've downloaded and set up my account. The online account allows you to select buddies and this is what I was hoping for.
The game is Texas Hold'em which is ok with me.
They won an award for the Palm version from what I gather.
When you get set up post your handle here so we can find you.
We'll give it a try.


My handle is DWWwins

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