PrimeGrid Yearly Challenges.

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PrimeGrid Yearly Challenges.

Figure I would start a thread for PrimeGrids Yearly Challenges. Every year they have 6-9 challenges. I've gotten into most for many years now. We have actually had a pretty good year this year. Close to if not in the top 50 teams on each challenge so far this year. So looking for any other that might want to jump on in.

The next challenge starts on August 20th, 2017.
This one is called the Solar Eclipse Challenge. A 3 day challenge. Using the Generalized Cullen/Woodall Prime Search (LLR). You have to go into your preferences at Primegrid and pick the apps you want to run. During a challenge it is best to only select the challenge project. If needing help setting you up for it, just post here and will help anyone looking to get into it. On the homepage for PrimeGrid they have a count down clock for the start of the challenge. Make sure not to allow any new work from PrimeGrid until the challenge starts. Any WU's downloaded before the start time does not go to the total for the challenge. You would still get normal credit and all, they just wouldn't apply to the Team Totals for the challenge.

Here are the past years numbers. Total teams with points are teams that got points from the challenges. There were many other teams that participated but didn't get any points.

2008 - 30th Place - Out of 75 total Teams w/ points
2009 - 21st Place - Out of 66 Total Teams w/ points
2010 - 48th Place - Out of 98 Total Teams w/ points
2011 - 58th Place - Out of 97 Total Teams w/ points
2012 - 52nd Place - Out of 257 Total Teams w/ points
2013 - 50th Place - Out of 268 Total Teams w/ points
2014 - 231st Place - Out of 300 Total Teams w/ points (I missed most of that years challenges)
2015 - 71st Place - Out of 252 Total Teams w/ points
2016 - 102nd Place - Out of 237 Total Teams w/ points

Not to bad through the years. Would like to see if we could get a little run this year. It is a lite year. They have only had 3 challenges so far this year. Good time to join in and make a push to the years end. Every challenge they have also have a forum thread about the details of it. Check it out or ask any questions you might have here. Will do my best to answer them.

Hope to see you all join in.

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Allmost time for the

Allmost time for the challenge. Don't forget to go pick only the challenge WU's in the prefrences at PrimeGrid.

Starts in just under 2 days at the time of this post.

Hope to see some.


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