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Forum Rules

General Rules for the Calm Chaos forums :

#1 All users must abide by the Terms of Use as specified by the License Agreement
that was stated at registration.

#2 There will be some heated debates involved when discussing some of the topics
found in these forums. No matter how heated the discussions become, personal
attacks, insults against another user, or infalmmatory posts will not be
tolerated by the Moderators of the Calm Chaos Forums. Name calling and general
flaming is strictly prohibited and any actions considered as such will be
considered grounds for banishment from the Calm Chaos Forums.

#3 Posting nonsense just to raise your post count is strictly prohibited.

#4 Any misuse of the Forum email and/or Private Message System will be grounds
for banishment. Misuse will be determined as spamming, trolling, or flaming
another user. Other determinations will be made by the Calm Chaos Forums

#5 No advertising will be allowed except in the designated area of the Forums

#6 The site Admins and Moderators have at least 24 hours to respond to any
question or problem that may arise. Most of the Mods and Admins have real
life jobs and, as such being the case, it may take a bit for them to respond
to problems or questions. Your patience will be appreciated.

#7 We do not allow posts that are sexual in nature or violate team standards.
The Calm Chaos team
shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community
standards. No posts that are hate related or intolerant of another race,
religion, or sexual preference.

#8 Do not use multiple usernames. We can check and if you are found to be doing
this, you will have your posting priviledges revoked. Any violations of the
mentioned offenses listed in rules #2 and #4 while under a secondary account
will result in the loss of posting priviledges.

#9 The Moderators of the Calm Chaos forums reserve the right to remove offensive
posts without notice.

#10 You must have a valid email address in your profile in the event that the
Administrators or Moderators of the forums wish to contact you.

#11 Non English speaking users will provide a translation into English when
posting in their native language.

#12 Keep the threads on topic. Posting things unrelated to the topic at hand in
a given thread is just plain rude.

#13 Do not post in all Capital letters. There is no need to shout.

#14 No profanity.

The Calm Chaos team is aware that there may be cases that arise that are not
completely covered by the rules listed here. In that event, violations will be
determined by the Moderators and/or Administrators of the forums. Any decisions
made by the Mods or Admins will be considered final.

Also keep in mind that there will be a wide diversity of users in the forums.
In some cases, the users may not use English as their first language. Therefore,
some users ability to use the English language may be somewhat limited.

These rules are here to help everyone have an enjoyable experience while a user
of these forums.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Moderators
for assistance.


#15 Have FUN!!! These forums are for your enjoyment. Let's try to
make it enjoyable for ALL of the users.

Knightmare : Forum Moderator and Co Founder of the Calm Chaos Team

You MUST follow the license agreement that you agreed to when registering as a user on this forum.

I am adding another rule here

I am adding another rule here since it would seem that I didn't cover it before.

When quoting the post of another user, any editing of their words is strictly prohibited. If you are going to quote what they say, they you quote exactly what they say.

In the case of quoting a post in the interest of rebuttal or emphasis of a point, removal of lines not pertinent to the rebuttal or emphasizing is allowed.

Rewriting their words, however, is not acceptable under any circumstances.

This offense, along with disregard of the other rules listed, may result in the loss of posting privileges.

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