Welcome to 2018 Team. We start of another wonderful year here at Calm Chaos.

Please join us in our forums here and all the fine BOINC projects we are attached to. If you have a project we haven't connected to yet, let us know. If there are any project challenges you would like the team to join in on, post to the forums. Also check us out on Facebook. Calm Chaos Facebook

Hope to see you all a crunching this year. If you ever have any questions or comments, let us know here or on our FB pages.



Howdy Team. Hope you all have been doing well.

Wanted to let you all know about the last PrimeGrid Challenge of the year. December 18-21. Check it out and join in. We have made points in every challenge so far this year. Join in on the last one. It uses both CPU's and GPU's.

If there are other challenges other members would like to see us join in on, post them to the forums and we can try to plan the dates.

Also want to say thanks to all our team members. We have had some now for over 10 years and some more recent joins. Check out one of the stats sites and see what our numbers look like. Been doing pretty good as of late.

Don't forget about our Facebook pages for Calm Chaos. Trying to keep that updated to. I know some don't use it and that is one reason to keep our CC website a going.

You all have a great day and you all have a wonderful Holiday Season.


The Push

Lets make a push for the end of 2017.

Would like to see how many crunchers we can get back and new members join to close out 2017.

TL has been making a push for us @Seti. Try myself over @Primegrid.

Come on back and enjoy the site. Let us know what you want to see here at CC.

Have a wonderful day.



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